FREE – Sunday Family Fun Day

Sunday – Free Family Fun Day!

Join us for Sunday July 28th at Tommystock for Firmly Rooted’s Free Family Fun Day brought to you by Thrivent.  Get a Free ID Card for your  kids, and sign your child up for a Blue Pig Event, and teach them how to be wise with money.  The Little Blue Piggy Bank has 3 compartments, one for saving, one for spending, and one for giving back!

Come check out the Legacy Zone, brought to you by Legacy 925!   Play some Cornhole or enjoy a game of Football Bowling!   Join in a Game of 9 Square in the Air, or take on your friends in a battle of Archery Tag!

Come and take a Free Ride on one of the Bicycles from Holy Spokes, explore the beautiful trails at and around Camp Agawam!


Take to the Water on a Paddle Board from Game On Paddle Boarding,  Slow Row a Kayak, or take part in a Dragon Boat Clinic by our Friends at Dragon on the Lake!


 Looking for some action filled excitment?  Check out Oakland Paintball at Tommystock.  Do some Target Shooting,  or grab some friends into the woods for a game of elimination or capture the flag!